High Level  Public  Private  Partnerships Conference

Public Private Partnerships;

Malawi's Next Big Thing

February 24-26, 2020

Lilongwe, Malawi

Bingu International Convention Centre

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PPP forum for Africa in partnership with the gorvenment of Malawi, and the PPP commission Malawi has organised a high level country specific event. The conference will run from the 24th to 26th February 2020 at the Bingu International Convention Centre in Lilongwe. The conference comes under the theme “Public Private Partnerships Malawi’s Next Big Thing” and will offer a unique platform to showcase Malawi’s PPP opportunities in key sectors such as Energy, Transport, Tourism and ICT. The Conference will bring together PPP Practitioners and thought leaders across the globe into one room to think through solutions for infrastructure development in Malawi. The three-day event will be dedicated to discussing issues pertaining to revolutionizing infrastructure development in Malawi through PPP arrangements. The Conference will be structured as follows: the first day will involve pre-conference PPP training delivered by international PPP experts and the conference will follow on the remaining 2 days.

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    February 24, 2020

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    Bingu International Convention Centre





Benefits of The Conference


Networking Opportunity

There will be opportunities for high level networking, exhibitions, deal flows and exposure on possible solutions for infrastructure development during the conference.

Platform for the PPPC to showcase upcoming projects

The Event will provide opportunities for Malawi to showcase the projects that are being done under the PPP arrangement.

Potential private sector investment

Private sector investment of around K141 billion will be realized from this High-Level Conference.

Putting Malawi on the Map as an Investment destination

During the conference, the PPP Commission will invite prospective investors from abroad, this will raise their awareness for Malawi as a destination for private sector capital inflows.

Reduction of costs for consultants

Through trainings that will be conducted for consultants during the conference, the PPP Commission will have access to a wide spectrum of consultants which will promote competition among them, this will lead to the reduction of consultancy costs.

Lower Tariff charges by investors

The trainings will raise awareness on PPPs to investors, this will lead to Investors charging lower tariffs as a result of competition.

Malawian Participation

Prospective financiers will attend the conference, this will allow Malawian investors access to long term financing which will in the end promote Malawian participation in PPP projects.

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